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If you or your children are thinking about getting braces or already have them and want to experiment with the look of different colored bands, look no further than our interactive coloring tool below. By “placing” your desired band colors on the teeth brackets of your choosing, you can get a visual representation of what your braces might look like. At Lozman Orthodontics, we offer a wide selection of colored bands to choose from. You can use this tool to help you decide what colored elastic bands to get at your next visit!

Why Do Braces Have Rubber Bands?

With metal braces and ceramic braces, a bracket (made of stainless steel or polycrystalline alumina, respectively) is glued to each tooth. A thin metal wire known as archwire runs horizontally along the teeth and attaches to a slot in each bracket. Small elastic bands are used to hold the archwire in place on each bracket and exert force on the teeth to help them move. These bands come in a range of colors as well as clear. The color of the band we put on each tooth bracket is entirely up to you. Your orthodontist will replace these bands every few weeks at your appointments, which gives you time to try out different looks with different colors!

Choosing Your Look

Whether you have metal or ceramic braces, the color of the elastic bands on your braces can have a dramatic impact on your overall look. You can use them to show your unique style. Perhaps you want your favorite color on all of them, or perhaps a rainbow with a different color on each bracket is more your style. You might have an event coming up where you want your braces to match or complement your outfit. Or you may wish to choose a color that brings out the color of your eyes. People with ceramic (clear) braces often want clear rubber bands to be less noticeable on their tooth-colored brackets, but clear bands can stain easily. If you get clear bands initially, you may decide at some point during your treatment that you want to switch to colored bands for a different aesthetic. Or you may wish to start with colored bands and see how you like them from the start.

Give It a Try!

To start changing the colors of the elastics on the braces in the image, first select a color. Then click on your desired bracket to assign that band color to it (your cursor will change from an arrow to a little hand once you’re on an area of a bracket you can select). If you’d like to change the color on multiple teeth brackets at once, click your color to select it and then choose one of the circular buttons designating the teeth group you’d like to change. Keep playing around with different color combinations until you find a look you like. Feel free to take a screenshot or picture of your masterpiece to show your orthodontist at your next visit!
Looks good! Choose another option, or select a new color.
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